Why I teach.

Yoga practise is an act of radical self love, not just for yourself, but for those around you.  

About me.

I began practicing yoga over twenty years ago, initially with sessions at the gym with the intention to “stretch out” after workouts. Following a serious running injury in early 2012, I turned to a demanding style of hot yoga to keep my body active. I soon realised I couldn't complete the sequence without focusing on my breath. It was my first profound experience of the link between breath and movement, making me feel present and calm. By the end of each class, life stresses seemed to fade away.

An initial flicker of curiosity started to deepen.  And I started to Study.

In 2012, I attended a week-long Ashtanga Yoga retreat in the Portuguese mountains, marking my first experience with daily practice, Vegan food, and a deep immersion into the heart, history, and spirituality of yoga.

In 2013, I delved further into yoga by undertaking The British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course. This journey led me to train with Toni Roberts at The Yoga Garden in 2014-2015, culminating in my qualification as a 200-hour Yoga Alliance accredited teacher.

During my travels in Tanzania, I met Jo Fox of Back to Nature retreats, forging a lasting friendship that led to me assisting her on five retreats between 2017 and 2018. 

During 2015 I studied Chakra Vinyasa with Shiva Rea, and followed this with Yoga Campus (led by Alesssandra Pecorella) for the foundational module of Prana Vinyasa, completed at the end of 2017.  I took a further week of study with Alessandra in 2018 to delve into the Tantric traditions of yoga.

Norman Blair guided me through my Yin teacher training deep in the Wintery lock down of 2021.  I am also incredibly grateful to have studied meditation in person with Sally Kempton in late 2018 and again online in 2020.  

Sally’s teachings created a deeply experiential shift in my love and dedication to the Spirituality of yoga, and changed my meditation practise into a daily-devotional ritual.

And yoga is deeply experiential.

For me, yoga is not about stretching yourself into the most challenging shapes, it's about dropping into your body and feeling.  As you put yourself into different shapes, your physical body will stretch and release, and in these moments you can observe how this plays out in your thoughts, energy, and breath.  Little by little a deeper connection with who you are is unfolding and this helps nurture a sense of grounded wholeness.  The process of yoga has profoundly guided and grounded me when life has felt chaotic and uncertain.  

Heartfelt love to all my teachers who have encouraged me over the years

I am so deeply grateful beyond words for your guidance, kindness, and wisdom.  To my teachers who have inspired me in so many ways, not mentioned above, Debbie, Davy, Hannah, Emma, Sarah, Delamay, Mike and David, so much love.

“Patience comes to the bones before it takes root in the heart.”

  • Mary Oliver

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